This Fit Mom Is Embracing Her 'Bad Mom' Status In An Epic Instagram Rant

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Oct. 3 2018, Updated 3:21 p.m. ET

One of the most annoying things about being a mom is the judgment from other people when you're just trying to raise your kid.

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Most people love their children unconditionally and would do whatever they could to make them happier. Which is why it's so annoying when people feel the need to criticize your parenting decisions without knowing a thing about you or your household, basically, "mom-shaming."

Something that Instagram Fit Model Sia Cooper has had her fair share of over the years.

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So instead of being defensive about her "bad-momness," she's decided to air out just how sick and tired she is of people's criticisms by embracing how much of a "Bad Mom" she is and compiling all the insults that have been hurled at her over the years.

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These are her "Bad Mom" posts.

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Cooper writes:

 If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been called a “bad mom,” I would be soooo rich! It seems almost impossible to be a textbook or politically correct good mom these days because everywhere you turn another mom is judging your parenting choices. Am I right? 
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I’ve been called a bad mom for:
Workout out during pregnancy.
Working out while having kids... period.
For caring about my looks and health.
Working out in Target.
Using canned goods and plastic crockpot liners.
Having tattoos and piercings.
Enjoying wine every now and then.
For letting my kids use technology.
For letting my kids have sugar and happy meals occasionally.
For not “covering up” around my kids.
For running a full time business from home.
For co-sleeping with my kids.
For collecting sports cars and motorcycles aka having a hobby.
For taking time for myself.
For having abs.
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She then dished out on what she learned about the moms who are constantly criticizing her and her parenting decisions: in her opinion, they're not confident in their own life choices.

I’ve learned that the true “bad moms” out there are the ones who constantly tear other moms down by judging them. Those moms are the ones who are truly insecure and have strong feelings of inadequacy because why else would they do that? Misery loves company.  
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And after briefly addressing the "haters," Cooper brought it back to what's really important: the shaming and judging other parents isn't what motherhood is all about: it's about making sure your kids grow up to be the best that they can be.

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 There’s no one right way to parent or to be a mom. We all are running in the same race and doing the best that we can. Motherhood is not a one size fits all-what works for one family may not work for the next. So who are we to judge another mom’s choices or reasoning?
Being a mom is hard enough and if all the following make me a “bad mom” then I’ll gladly wear it proudly! Here’s to all the bad moms out there.

Cooper's initial "Bad Mom" post blew up, getting nearly 24,000 likes with tons of people commenting on the post and praising the fit mom's message.

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In fact the response was so overwhelmingly positive that she posted a follow up "Bad Mom" post where she expounded on her original rant and mentioned that she got a ton of hate for working out and taking care of herself after her pregnancy. Insane, right?

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In my last post, I mentioned several ways that I’ve been judged against as a mom and mainly it’s because I find the time to workout. I’ve been called selfish a thousand times because I choose to make fitness a priority as a mom. I’ve been told that my kids are probably neglected and that I put them off on a nanny. The hateful comments normally come from other moms who can’t or won’t put forth the same effort for whatever reason.  
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I’ve also been judged for working out during pregnancy and received hateful messages saying my baby was going to die and get shaken up in the womb. I’ve been told my baby would have brain damage. I had gone viral during pregnancy for maintaining my 6 pack so some people commented that my abs were going to choke my baby. Yes I’m dead serious guys.
And of course there’s the Target workout judgement where I filmed a fun and playful workout video while shopping at Target that went viral last year and people called me a lunatic and crazy.  
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I mean look, it's easy to hate on someone who's doing something in their own life that you don't have the dedication to do yourself, but it's probably better if you just admit that than shame a mom for it.

My point is? You can’t please everyone and y’all... other moms are the WORST! You’d think that moms would support one another instead of tearing each other apart. It seems like you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. 
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If another mom or a person in general wants to call ME a “bad mom” -vain, selfish, whatever- for putting my health first and for “having abs” then so be it! I encourage you all to take what you’ve been called a bad mom for and wear it proud. Own it! To the haters, you can kiss my abs 😘
Being a mom isn’t easy and there is no wrong way to parent IF your kids are loved, healthy, and being taken care of. 💁🏽‍♀️ Am I right?  
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It's hard to imagine that any of the controversy headed Cooper's way is bothering her; her Instagram account is close to 1 million followers, she's in great shape, has two beautiful children, and seems to be only fueled by people who hate on her and her lifestyle, all while reinforcing positivity.

So if you've been accused of being a "bad mom" even thought you know you're doing all you can to help your kids, well don't be afraid to put someone in their place, and that's by living your best life, just like Cooper seems to be doing.


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