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Source: facebook

This 'Dirty' Guy's Response To A Mom Trying To Make An Example Out Of Him Is Perfect


Human beings have this perception that things that are "easier" are almost always better.

It's true, for the most part — you shouldn't waste your time on things that aren't worth it in favor of higher priority concerns. It's like obsessing over the type of cheese you're going to platter for a friendly get-together while you're working a job you hate and your resume's been collecting dust and needed to be updated three years ago.

You should absolutely be willing to get your hands metaphorically "dirty" in order to accomplish your dreams.

Especially if that includes actual dirty work. For some people, being successful isn't defined by sitting in an office or behind a computer all day. Lots of folks like working with their hands and getting the occasional grime on themselves. And enjoying that lifestyle doesn't make them lesser.

This is a vital lesson Andy Ross hopes he imparted on a mother and young girl he encountered at the store when he had some dirt on his face. He shared the message on Facebook, where it's been shared over 163,000 times. Andy writes that the child kept staring at his dirty face, which didn't bother him, until the young girl's mother tried to use him an example of "why you should stay in school."