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Source: istock

This Guy's Self-Rejection Turned Book Deal Is Truly Next Level

By Pippa Raga

Like many attention-starved tweens, I really wanted to grow up to be an actress. I took on some acting work as a kid, appearing in some PSAs and commercials, and two times even got called to audition for Nickelodeon shows. I'll never forget the feeling of arriving into the MTV/Viacom building in Times Square and thinking that this would one day become my life — acting for a living, getting my pictures taken, and being perpetually glamorous. 

But as I'm sure is obvious to you by now, I am currently sitting here writing this article, not walking down a red carpet — so it'd be fair to say that dream of mine didn't quite pan out. Around the time I was going to enter high school, my mom became concerned these rejections I was getting from my show biz auditions would, I don't know, bruise my self-confidence.

Ironically, I decided to become a writer instead. Which is pretty much right up there with acting, as far as constant rejection is concerned. That, and I became a freelance writer — so, double that already ubiquitous rejection count.