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Source: Facebook

Grandma Who Loves the TV Show 'Cops' Gets "Arrested" on Her 93rd Birthday

By Anna Quintana

Like most pre-teens growing up in the '90s (without cable television), my Saturday nights often involved watching back-to-back episodes of Cops, followed by an episode of America's Most Wanted. And while I have not heard the "Bad Boys" theme song or seen John Walsh on my TV screen in some time, it's not a huge surprise that some people are still obsessed with the law enforcement show. 

Case in point: Anne Dumont's mom, who got the surprise of her lifetime when she was arrested on her 93rd birthday. Yes, an officer at the Augusta, Maine Police Department put a grandmother in the back of a patrol cruiser — all because she loves to watch Cops. Let Anne explain... 

"On July 9, 2018 Mom got arrested. Yep, arrested. I told you guys that she was the bad one, but you didn't believe me," she wrote in a Facebook post that has since gone viral. "She influenced all of us, but we held strong. Now that she is out of jail, I can post this....... kidding, she didn't go to jail."