If You Can't See This Images Without Being Skeeved, You May Be Trypophobic

Trypophobia isn't a medically recognized condition, but there are plenty of people who are skeeved out by images of closely-packed together holes.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Sep. 6 2018, Updated 3:18 p.m. ET

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Source: istock

Does the idea of seeing a bunch of holes squeezed tightly and close together make you cringe? Do you feel anxious gazing at pictures of holes for extended periods of time? If so, you probably suffer from trypophobia.

Although the phobia isn't officially recognized by the medical community, there are throngs of people who can't look at the images below without freaking out and/or getting sick to their stomach.

And while looking at these makes my skin crawl, I was able to make it to the end of this list without setting my laptop on fire and noping away from the internet for a while. How about you? (Also, totally don't light your laptop on fire even if you feel like it — just give it to me, if you're just going to destroy it anyway.)

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1. Like I was saying, it isn't officially recognized, but there are people who get very uncomfortable from the following pictures.

Source: twitter

For some, it manifests itself physically, resulting in symptoms like the ones the user above tweeted out:

 "UPDATE: I barely have any finger nails, but THIS is how itchy I got from it. I even had a couple small hives break out."

2. Others began tweeting out images that might induce trypophobic reactions.

Sure, it looks like an ordinary car speaker, and it totally is. Unless you're terrified of small holes being placed close together. Now it's become a madness trap.

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3. These straws are gonna get ya.

Long, neon beacons of death.

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4. Even bread isn't safe.

Can we also just talk, for a second, about how many holes are in this bread? I've seriously never seen anyone yeast it up like this before.

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5. Please, not lasagna.

OK this one's freaking me out more than the others. It looks like it's a used alien bug-egg pod. Imagine all of the creatures that crawled out of that? Obviously none, it's a carb-a-licious treat, but still.

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6. Care for some French dessert?

Clafoutis is traditionally made with flan batter, black cherries, and powdered sugar. Trypophobic anxiety is optional.

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7. This unforgiving panino.

All she wanted was a sandwich, but the more she looks at her food, the less of an appetite she has. I think the oozing cheese or condiments pouring out through the holes is what makes this especially egregious.

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8. Oh, you thought that cucumbers were just innocent little vegetables? Guess again, yo.

You'll never watch Veggie Tales the same way again.

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9. They look like little bug heads.

This is not cool, why does something that looks like this even exist on the planet? It kinda reminds me of this grossness right here.

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10. Yuck, yuck, double yuck.

I would not call my dog a good boy if he brought this stick back to me.

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11. Have fun taking a shower from here on out.

Guess I'll be dirty forever now.

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12. The ocean is packed with trypophobia.

Yet another thing to be terrified of in the great below.

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13. Honeycombs anyone?

Step 1: freeze in terror after seeing a beehive. Step 2: get stung by bees.

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14. The longer you stare at it, the worse it gets.

It's stuff like this that really makes me hate Mother Nature.

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15. Ugh they're even worse when they're discolored.

This zombie plant looks like something straight out of a movie.

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16. Oh hey, just check out this toad's back for a sec.

Pretty good defensive mechanism against predators, actually. I wouldn't want to eat this at all.

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17. I sincerely apologize for this.

Holes + human flesh = barf.

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18. Buildings can trigger it too.

It's a shame I'll never get to see what they've got on display inside.

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19. Pay close attention to the footwear that you're rocking.

This shouldn't be a problem we have to worry about.

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20. I'll judge the cover of this book.

Verdict? It creeps me the heck out.

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21. I love Ethiopian food but...

...I always stayed away from that sour pancake. Now I know why.

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22. Great, now coffee is ruined.

Blast you, trypophobia!

Were you able to get through this entire thing without wanting to puke? Congrats! You don't have trypophobia.

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