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Source: facebook

This Woman and Her Wife Got Pregnant and Welcomed Babies at the Same Time


For most same-sex couples, the process of childbearing is not without its share of planning and headaches. Unlike heterosexual couples, the possibility of an accidental pregnancy when you're gay or lesbian is slim to none, so moms- and dads-to-be usually have to get creative with fertility methods and embrace the possibility of adoption once they commit to starting a family.

With lesbian couples, where both women often share maternal instincts and the desire to carry children, there exists a sort of clichéd urban legend fantasy of the two getting pregnant at the same time with the sperm of the same donor and effectively giving birth to bonafide siblings (twins) on the same day. 

I call this master plan an urban legend — and reiterate the cliché of it — because it's the kind of arrangement almost every lesbian thinks she wants, but complications often arise and get in the way. For one, what are the odds that both women will have eggs that take to being fertilized? Secondly, you have to have the funds for two of these procedures, which are insanely costly at best (take it from me, who briefly looked into freezing eggs). And lastly, parents might be able to grasp how hard it is to take care of one person with child — so just imagine having to tend to a pregnant partner while you're pregnant yourself.