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Source: iStock / Twitter

People with the Same Names Fight for Social Media Dominance


If you've ever taken a look at your message request inbox on Facebook, you know about the trove of random weirdos relentlessly trying to get in touch. But if you've ever received a message from someone with your exact same name, they might not seem that random after all.

And if someone with your name is slightly more famous than you, it might be hard to get away from occasionally receiving some of their fan mail. That's what happened to one Maureen Johnson when she opened her Facebook inbox the other day and found messages addressed to critically acclaimed YA author Maureen Johnson. 

At this point, she decided she'd had enough.

Author-Maureen shared screen grabs of her interaction with the other Maureen Johnson on Twitter. Other-Maureen doesn't seem thrilled about sharing her name with another person on the platform, or about constantly receiving her messages and photos. 

Author-Maureen writes "There shall be only one Maureen Johnson on Facebook, and I guess it will be this other one" below her post. The conversation between the two feels like something out of The Twilight Zone

"Maureen Johnson doesn't recommend Maureen Johnson" reads the subject line of her message.