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Source: Twitter

The Internet Is Losing it Over These Two Childhood Friends Who Reconnected Through Twitter


Because it's 2018 and we've all practically turned into human computers, the days of Craigslist missed connections seem like just a distant memory. But not all too long ago, there was a time when people would go to the website trying to find the people with whom they'd once ridden a train, met on the street, or had an otherwise momentary but meaningful connection.

Honestly, it was one of the most wholesome parts of the internet, before the proliferation of memes and cat videos began to take over. But these days, since the internet is everywhere and we're all permanently connected through social media, simpler times of chance reconnections have kind of lost their magic.

Or at least I thought they had, until one Brianna's search for a childhood friend went viral on Twitter. Her attempt to find this girl (without naming her!) by enlisting an online search party, their reconnection, and the internet's take on the whole thing were so good, it's almost restoring my faith in humanity.