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Source: Kotex

NBD But Every Kotex U Tampon Since 2016 Is Being Recalled for Sometimes Unraveling in People’s Bodies

By Pippa Raga

Periods are a drag, just ask anyone who has them. Hot take, but I'm pretty certain that if cisgendered men had periods, the rest of the world would get a monthly week off. And don't even get me started on miserable period products. Or actually, please do.

It's not like I'm an advocate for free-bleeding, but you have to admit that every menstrual product out there is either gross and messy or kind of terrifying to apply. Except for tampons, you're probably thinking.

Tampons are supposed to be these cute, portable items we can discreetly fit up our sleeves while we run to the bathroom realizing the reason we've been in pizza-scarfing depression mode is our god-given biological curse, and not some more grave neurological or mental health disease.  But even tampon users aren't safe from horrifying period grief. At least not if your brand of choice is Kotex.