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Source: facebook

Guy Wins $1 in Lottery, Demands Photo with Giant Check


If you ever had a friend who was obsessed with The Four-Hour Work Week, you're probably very familiar the whole concept of "living a millionaire lifestyle," just without the being a millionaire part. You could live in parts of the world with an exponentially lower cost of living and have gourmet meals brought to you every single day for a fraction of the cost, and type away on a laptop while sitting poolside in some gorgeous building.

You can get this "living like a millionaire lifestyle" at "living like I'm in West Jersey" prices, just as long as you're not hung up on a particular location.

It seems like Tyler Heep has adopted this same manner of thinking when he recently discovered that he was a lottery winner.

Normally, when you think of someone hitting the lottery, you imagine they're suddenly millions of dollars richer.

Not Heep. He played the Iowa state lottery and fell a bit short of hitting the big jackpot. Instead he only walked away with a buck. While most people would curse their bad luck, collect their lonely dollar and move on, Heep didn't settle for that. Instead, he was hell-bent on making sure he felt like a $100 million winner.