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Source: twitter

Law Student Kicked out of Gym Because Her Top Was "Too Revealing"


People trying to police women's bodies in terms of how they look, what they wear, and pretty everything they do aren't new, sadly. One would think that because we're in the two-thousand-and-nineteenth year of our lord, that a lot of that would change. Unfortunately, this law student learned that just isn't the case.

Marny was training at a gym in Constance, South Germany wearing a crop top and some yoga pants. A pretty standard — and quite modest — get-up for anyone engaging in athletic activities. So it probably came as a shock to her when a female trainer at the gym approached and said she "couldn't train like this."

To make matters even worse, Marny was told she was "confusing" male members of the gym with what she was wearing... as if that was her problem. As a guy, I can say I've seen some attractive women in the gym, yet I've never found myself so "confused" that I just couldn't bring myself to lift weights. Have I had some self-loathing because I'm not in as good a shape as I want to be? Absolutely. But befuddlement? Never.

Marny uploaded a photo of what she was wearing to Twitter to see what other people thought of her outfit.