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Airbnb Guest Shows Photo of Room With Barely Visible Surveillance Cameras


An Airbnb guest recently uploaded a photo of his room and it's freaking out a lot of people online.

Horror stories of the occasional awful Airbnb host (and guest) are all over the internet. The most obviously creepy thing that first pops into someone's head is, "oh my God, are there any hidden cameras in this room?"

It's a real fear I had when I booked my first Airbnb. Thankfully, it was an awesome experience and we didn't come across any hidden devices, nor did our host give off any weird or scary vibes. I'd like to think the majority of hosts are just looking to make some money by providing a comfortable living situation for another person.

Unfortunately, for Twitter user @jeffbigham, that wasn't the case. His host put a camera in their Airbnb, but that's not the most troubling part of his story. Where it gets really messed up is that the host had uploaded some 20 photos of the room, and one of them included the camera in it — if you looked very closely. That's the beginning of this incredibly sordid tale that raises all types of questions about the rules and regulations Airbnb hosts must follow.