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American Kids Are Developing British Accents Watching Too Much 'Peppa Pig'

By Mark Pygas

If you have a child or have been in the vicinity of a child in the last few years, you probably know all about the fever dream that is Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig is a British cartoon for preschoolers, directed and produced by Astley Baker Davies and Entertainment One, which originally aired on May 31, 2004 in the United Kingdom. 

Since then, it's become popular across pretty much the entire world, with the adventures of Peppa, as well as her family and friends, airing in 180 territories. And for the parent who loves to spend money on plastic stuff your kid wont want in a few years, you could pretty much live off Peppa Pig merchandise. 

However, with the show becoming so popular in the United States, there seems to have been an unanticipated consequence. With the cartoon aimed at preschoolers, who are in the process of developing their speech, American parents are taking to social media in droves to claim Peppa is making their kids pick up a British accent.