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Source: istock

Police Are Warning Parents About the "48 Hour" Challenge That Encourages Kids to Go Missing


If there's a surefire way to get the "older generation" up in a tizzy, it's to list the number of ridiculous internet "challenges" that have come out in recent years. Whether it's vaping tide pods, blindfolding yourself while driving, or seeing if a roll of coins fits in your clavicle, the sheer number of dumb and downright dangerous challenges that have surfaced online is staggering.

Most of them are usually staged (especially when it comes to eating tide pods), but there are a few people who seriously put themselves at risk because they don't understand the "joke" part of the challenge, which is how most of these "challenges" begin: as a gag. Kids are just doing it for the memes and laughs, but there are always a few participants who actually go through with it.

Then there are challenges with more inimical purposes.

Like the "Blue Whale" challenge in 2017 which originally had links to a Russian social media site that encouraged kids to kill themselves or others. There was also the "Momo Challenge" which was a clever ploy to get unsuspecting mobile phone users to give up their personal data which was then used for identity theft and general scam-foolery.

The latest of these "had-to-be-developed-by-criminals" challenges is the "48-hour challenge" which is beginning to trend online.