This Boy's Reaction To A Surprise Visit From His Sister Has The Internet In Tears



When most people head off to college, it's usually the home cooking or family pets that they miss the most. But for Jessica Evans, a student at the University of North Georgia, it was greeting her brother, David, 15, when he comes home on the school bus every day. And every single time she surprises him, it's as if he hasn't seen her in forever. It's a beautifully sweet reaction that tons of people on the internet are applauding.

Here's a collection of clips from the past year of Evans surprising her brother by coming home that explain exactly why she missed it so much... 

It'd be hard not to have a smile on your face after being greeted like that. The tweet quickly went viral, and currently has over 125,000 retweets and 320,000 likes. People demanded more, and Evans obliged...

If you were hoping for more of these videos, then I hate to break it to you, but I've got some bad news. Really bad news: Evans explained to WSB-TV that she won't be able to surprise her brother anymore, and feeling bummed, she wanted to look through the clips and decided to share them to cheer everyone up. 

“I started looking at videos from the past year from when I surprised him by coming home or getting him off the bus or picking him up from school." 
“I'm just happy so many people have accepted the video and him with such positivity.” 

Twitter adored the video and cherished the clips that she did managed to take. Thankfully, they're online so the rest of us can enjoy them.

Too sweet, that's a kind of love and enthusiasm for seeing someone else that you just cannot pretend. You can't fake it. It's just pure, unfiltered, love.

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