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Source: youtube

This School's Security System Caught A 'Ghost' On Camera After Motion Sensors Went Off


Ghost stories are almost always debunked because they're nonsense, even when there's video proof.

And depending on where you grew up, your school probably had a ghost story of its own with some scary backstory. Like a janitor who was tossed into a furnace after abusing kids. Oh wait, that's part of the plot to Nightmare on Elm Street, but still, you know what I'm talking about.

Now if you were running a school, if there were some ghostly activities going on in the hallway, you'd probably want to keep that under wraps so kids couldn't find yet another excuse to skip their classes. But the principal of Deerpark C.B.S in Cork, Ireland posted this spooky security footage taken from the school's cameras and swears that it's not a prank.