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These Moments Will Remind You That Cats Just Want To Watch The World Burn

I've never owned a cat. Here's why: The best thing a cat owner ever says about their pet is that they are "just like a dog." That's an admission that dogs are the superior pet. So why not just get a dog and have a guarantee that your pet is "just like a dog?"

On the other side of the spectrum, you have bad cats who are just plain mean. Not only aggressive, but cruel and calculating. It feels like they are just constantly plotting your demise. I don't have any proof of that, but I think the burden of proof falls on you to convince me otherwise. 

Wanna hear the worst thing a dog ever did? He barked one too many times. 

My wife tried to walk the cat. from CatsAreAssholes
Look what I stole!
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It's not what it looks like.
This little fella being caught seconds after being told he couldn't have any. from CatsAreAssholes
Why yes, I heated up the oven just for you. from CatsAreAssholes
You're just making a mess
Kitty is in favour of the patented TP hanging technique
I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it. Or am I?
Crap! Oh... I was just moving it back in to place.
Please stop.
No toucha my bell.
A force of chaos.
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You weren't going to eat this, were you?
Just warming up my toe beans. from CatsAreAssholes
Um, rude.
The most elegant of centerpieces....NOT! from CatsAreAssholes
Stay away
No one ever in my life rejected a kiss from until now... from CatsAreAssholes
Take that, dog!
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Oh, you shouldn't have...
So its my birthday today.... from CatsAreAssholes
Got something on your back.
Worth the pain.
You going to clean that up?
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Get in here!
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Why would you do this?
Here you go dog
This is fine.
"Hope you don't mind..."
I don't share!
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Did I win?
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I'm cool.
I found a rotten orange in the fridge. from CatsAreAssholes
Who doesn't like Santa?
My friends cat met santa today... from CatsAreAssholes
Whenever Boots wants fresh water he just spills the old water then waits. from CatsAreAssholes
You hurt a child!
I didn't do anything. Honest. The kid just tripped. from CatsAreAssholes
Why would I use that bed you paid for?
She begged me to buy her a luxury shark bed, sleeps in free Amazon box instead. from CatsAreAssholes
You got what you deserved!
No Treat For You from CatsAreAssholes
What were you expecting?
I was going to make you a sweater. Honest! from CatsAreAssholes
Have you learned your lesson yet?
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I'm the top cat around here!
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You are very rude!
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I'm not letting you touch them.
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