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Source: cnn

30-Year-Old Man Evicted From His Parents' House Gives Cringiest Interview Ever

By Mustafa Gatollari

With the rising cost of home ownership, and rental rates not faring any better, coupled with all of those insane student loans we took on when we were hoodwinked into attending college, more and more millennials are finding it difficult to move out of their parents' houses.

For me, it was hugely a cultural thing, the "old-world" mentality of everyone living super close to each other or all piling together in one big house made getting out of my folks' home and living on my own pretty difficult. I'm embarrassed that it wasn't until my mid-twenties or so that I finally moved out.

But, to my credit, I pulled my own weight. I helped out with money, wasn't a burden on anyone, and when I finally decided to grow up, take on a bunch of part-time jobs to save enough money to move out - I can't believe I didn't bust my hump to do so sooner.