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Source: twitter

This Man Trolls the DMV Each Time He Has to Update His License

By Mustafa Gatollari

Many a stand-up comic's routine has involved the Department of Motor Vehicles and their perceived incompetence.

And although in my home state of New Jersey, certain DMVs have gotten much, much better at streamlining the administration of their bureaucratic process of arbitrary motoring rules, I can still appreciate on a personal level the dread people face when they know they need to visit a DMV.

But going there is a necessary part of life if you own a car or need a driver's license and, in some states, just need a state issued ID. So instead of complaining about something in a depressing way that you have to do anyway, why not have fun with it? So when I go to the DMV, I buy donuts for the people working there.

I have to say though, I love Twitter user @JonoZalay's method of having fun with the reviled DMV; he has a longstanding history of messing with them.

By taking some incredible license photos.