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These Pictures Of A Baby Flamingo Will Change How You Look At Them Entirely

You know how sometimes you'll say a familiar word over and over until it starts to lose all meaning? That's how I feel looking at these pictures of a baby flamingo noticed by BuzzFeed News and posted by Twitter user @celesse. It's like I've been looking at flamingos all my life, but right now, nothing about them makes sense!

Maybe it's just seeing a flamingo when it's so young, reduced to the most elemental building blocks of its body. But it still has the one leg stand:


Flamingos stand on one leg. I knew that, yet now, it seems so weird.

Here's a flamingo "sitting down," which makes it look broken, right?


This particular baby flamingo is being cared for at the National Aviary Rose Garden, and you can watch it run around on it's muscular little legs and ponder the strangeness of existence:

Honestly, now everything about flamingos seems weird as hell!

They dance??

I'll never see flamingos the same way again. This is exactly why I find babies so disturbing.