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38 Dogs So Awkward They Are Actually Kind Of Cute

Part of what makes dogs so delightful is how awkward they are. What makes them even more delightful is that they are completely clueless as to how awkward they are. Think about it: Have you ever seen a dog embarrassed? 

It's a good thing that dogs don't really feel shame. They'd be much less entertaining if they did. For example, I once had a dog jump headfirst into a glass door. If he were then to shrivel up and hide afterwards the whole experience would be much less endearing. 

Or maybe not. I don't know. That actually sounds pretty cute, too. 

1. Cheese!
"Smile, look straight into the camera..."
2. You'll grow into your body.
Moose has never gotten much love here on reddit. Perhaps it's because his head is noticeably too small for his body. He's not a puppy. from Unorthodog
3. Don't ruin this for us.
One is normal, the other... not so much. from Unorthodog
4. You guys talking about me?
Frozen in deep thought from Unorthodog
5. Mine!
a majestic beast from Unorthodog
6. Why won't anyone pet me?
What a beaut from Unorthodog
7. Am I digging?
Walter at the Beach from Unorthodog
8. Smile!
I like this sub too. from Unorthodog
9. What's going on up there?
My dog noticed that the elevator has a mirror ceiling from Unorthodog
10. I'll gnaw my way through eventually.
She's beauty, she's grace...
11. So comfy.
My coworker's dog is an entirely different kind of lapdog
12. Care for a lick?
HELLO SIR HOW ARE YOU from Unorthodog
13. It's not what it looks like!
Scooter the Dooter from Unorthodog
14. Nailed it!
Majestic elegance
15. I see you!
He likes to just stare at you like this from Unorthodog
16. This dog has seen some stuff.
This is Tofu. He is 17, has no teeth, and eats scrambled eggs.
17. Wanna share?
She looks at you like this while you eat. from Unorthodog
18. I have no idea what's going on.
Confused and Horrified
19. Mr. Pink is a good worker.
Mr. Pink is my newest office friend.
20. Yum!
My aunt's dog is a window licker
21. Cone of what now?
He refuses to be shamed from Unorthodog
22. Dogs are magic.
The year is 2017. Ziggy has awakened - with his true power revealed at last, it is we who are now pets to him.
23. Come at me, bro!
The toughest looking little reindeer from Unorthodog
24. What are you looking at?
All-Seeing Eye Dog from Unorthodog
25. Here I come!
The most graceful runner. from Unorthodog
26. How could she not?
Zoey won "dog of the month" at my mom's apartment complex!
27. What happened to your joints?
Hellllooooooooo... from Unorthodog
28. Get back here!
My Pit bull running for his life at the dog park. from Unorthodog
29. Look at that smile!
I've seen some shit
30. She looks like she just ate something sour.
She Has eleven teeth. Sometimes her lips get stuck. from Unorthodog
31. What an... interesting combination of features.
I was told that you all might enjoy this. Meet Maya the doofus!
32. Shh!
under the covers (x-post /r/blop) from Unorthodog
33. Can you believe this?
Our special princess from Unorthodog
34. Goofy vacation, here I come!
Going on a heckin' travel from Unorthodog
35. Hmm....
Tater is having some deep thoughts from Unorthodog
36. Eating doors is harder than it looks.
My sister's Golden wanting Kibbles and Braaains. from Unorthodog
37. Comfy.
She has the whole sofa but chooses to ride the armchair from Unorthodog
38. Bleh...
A little tongue, the side eye, and a ham hock of a leg hanging out. So alluring. 😂 Thanks Shumai! from Unorthodog