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This Zoo Gives Animals Amazon Reviews That Are Absolutely 5 Stars

The Oregon Zoo decided to kick off their weekend with a little treat for their Twitter followers. Using the hashtag #RateASpecies, they went through their outstanding catalogues of slimey, furry, and scaley beasts and gave them Amazon-style reviews. 

It's hard not to feel like every animal deserves five stars, but they are the experts.

Here's the Otter:


An animal I do not recognize at all, but assume is an aquatic rodent:

The Monterey bay Aquarium join in, reviewing the sunfish:

We got bats, which are "great value."

A tiny turtle:

A vulture, which is a much more useful animal than you'd think, according to its review:

A baby penguin:

The octopus, which gets all the stars in my book:

Zoos know how to have fun. 

Other people also joined in, but with less glowing reviews:

But sometimes folks are willing to admit when evolution is perfect:

Great job, universe. All the stars.