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29 Running Jokes In Movies And TV Shows You Probably Missed

Here's something you may not know. Whenever I have to write one of these introductions I like to leave little clues about where I buried that treasure. Seriously, go back and through them and you'll start to notice all these little hints.


The people who make our favorite TV shows and movies like to do that same thing. Have a hidden through line that only the most dedicated of fans will find. 


You'll rewatch a random old episode and notice something that you didn't see before and


wonder how you even missed it in the first place. It seems so obvious in retrospect. 

1. She was the one that got away.
Fry's Ex-Girlfriends from continuityporn
2. And people say Garfield is dumb.
Garfield Remembers from continuityporn
3. Skylar was such a good listener.
4. Aww. Both brothers are racist.
[The Walking Dead] Brothers think alike from continuityporn
5. So that's where that got off to.
[The Simpsons] They've been keeping that for 26 years now from continuityporn
6. Obi-Wan doesn't care what medium he is in.
Obi-Wan's stance from continuityporn
7. Time to stretch your other muscles, Goku.
How Goku get ready for battle ... span over 30yrs from continuityporn
8. What a bunch of losers.
[The Simpsons] The Home Wreckers bowling team is made up of all the people that tried to seduce Homer and Marge. from continuityporn
9. Why would you say his name three times?
10. That's a nice vase.
[Phineas and Ferb] Early on in season two, they mention in a one-off joke that Dr. Doofenshmirtz is going to give Perry the Platypus a vase for Christmas. Fifteen episodes later, in a one-off joke, Dr. Doofenshmirtz gets Perry the Platypus a vase for Christmas. from continuityporn
11. Still in pretty good condition.
[x-post from r/marvelstudios] Tony stark wears the same robe (Iron Man 2) as his father Howard (Marvel One Shot: Agent Carter) all those years later!
12. Fake! It didn't actually get 4,000 likes.
[BoJack Horseman] Bojack's Instagram incident from continuityporn
13. What's he doing there?
[Futurama] Nibbler's shadow appears in the pilot episode from continuityporn
14. Well, don't drop it again.
[S4 E2, "The Wind Cries Mary"] Microphone Continuity. Just noticed it was broken on the 2nd drop.
15. Flats never forgets!
[Spongebob] Flats appears in season one, where Spongebob mistakes him for an alien and kidnaps him. He reappears in season three to kick his butt. from continuityporn
16. More than a little bit.
[Doctor Who] The Doctor remarks on an event that occurred in an episode 43 years earlier.
17. Way to go!
Phineas and Ferb: Isabella earned her A-Der patch.
18. But aren't they different masks?
[Friday the 13th] Jason gets hit in the head with an axe in Part 3, leaving a mark in his mask. This mark is still visible in almost every subsequent film. from continuityporn
19. Ew. Gross. Season four.
Shirley vs Evil Shirley
20. Thank God!
[The Office] Jim and Pam finally managed to get that clown off the wall. (S5E9)(S7E19) from continuityporn
21. What a life.
[Futurama] Queue from continuityporn
22. Don't knock it 'till you try it.
Charles' fetish.
23. More than 40 years apart from his perspective.
[Doctor Who] 40 years apart the Doctor still owns the same yo-yo. from continuityporn
24. If that's what you want.
Frank's Burial Wishes from continuityporn
25. This is a long one.
First and last episodes of Frasier (x-post /r/frasier) from continuityporn
26. How romantic.
In 5x07, Dwight shows a photo taken at Schrute Farms of a bride and groom standing in their shallow graves. In 9x23, he and Angela do this tradition at their wedding. from continuityporn
27. You really should fix that.
[Rick & Morty] An event in season 1 causes a crack in the driveway. Later in season 2, Jerry is cutting weeds that have grown there. from continuityporn
28. I mean, it's a good keychain.
[The Office (US)] Jim holds on to his Christmas gift. from continuityporn
29. This whole list could just be Futurama.
The Professor still calls Fry 'Orange Joe'