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These Creative Job Descriptions Are Sure To Get Your Resume A Second Glance

I've had a number of jobs over the years. I've worked in construction, education, sales, animal care, entertainment, and other things that I am probably forgetting. The one thing that unites all those experiences, though, is that I was vastly under-qualified for all of them. 

How'd I get these jobs? I lied. I lied like you wouldn't believe. Well, I mean you would. That's the point. I'm just saying that I lied a lot. 

I used to feel guilty about it, but I soon realized everyone does it and the key to success is to be the best liar in the room. That's how I got my new job, Space President, after all.

More impressive than it sounds.
You're hired!
As many as I can fit.
Just as good as a medical license.
Might come in handy.
That's not easy to do.
That's where it counts.
Ooh. Fancy!
Well, I'm sure it was for a good reason.
Thanks for saving me time.
I'm sure we'll find a use for you.
We're big on fairness here.
I can tell you are going to be fun.
Off to a good start.
Makes sense.
Perfect for the arcade I am opening.
Ooh, fancy.
What kind of things?
That's what being employed is.
Very coordinated, too.