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DIY Project Fails That Prove Why You Should Never Do It Yourself

My dad works in construction, so growing up, anytime anything in the house needed to be fixed or altered, he would be the one to take care of it. I know that might make me look lazy, but here's the thing: He liked doing it. And I was lazy. So in the end, it all worked out. 

Now that I have moved out, I have to do all the repairs and restoration myself. I mean, I still don't do them, but if I wanted to, that burden would fall on me. The reason why I don't bother with any of these DIY projects is because I know I would screw them up, and I'm still lazy.

I know this all sounds kind of bad, but I'd rather be lazy than live with one of these DIY projects. 

Everything is color coordinated.
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I mean it gets the job done, but...
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Those sad reactions have the right idea.
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What an unusual shape for an annex.
Just gonna leave this here. from DiWHY
Why does this need to exist?
USB Stick from DiWHY
That door is no longer a door.
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I mean, burritos are THAT important to you...
I made a wedding dress out of burrito wrappers
Let's just put a random beam over there.
This rustic beam doesn't match your 90s kitchen from DiWHY
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Well, I guess we know which vehicle you really care about.
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I'm going to assume you were drunk when you thought this was a good idea.
a how to: Lowering your homes resale value from DiWHY
I'm stressed.
Sacred resource from DiWHY
This is not good luck.
Keep Portland #weird from DiWHY
This is kind of cool, but I hate this.
beautiful wood Paneling from DiWHY
Every kid wants one.
Handy night light for your kids from DiWHY
What was wrong with the door that already existed?
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There has to be a better way.
No door handle? No problem!
Mad Max has gotten really lame.
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I don't know why this is so disturbing, but it is.
Guest (in-laws) bathroom from DiWHY
There is a huge pile of books on the ground.
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Not what I would have guessed the inside looked like.
House for sale local to me. Asking price is €250,000.
This is a stretch.
Toothbrush holder from DiWHY
Can't tell if this is really smart or really dumb.
pizza pizza
I wouldn't want to eat off of that.
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How about any other kind of window?
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What's the worst that could happen?
Electrical mouse Trap from DiWHY
Think about the amount of effort this very stupid idea took.
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I refuse to believe that this is comfortable.
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Just don't put them down.
An easy way to get your hands cut at a party. from DiWHY
Jingle bells. Batman smells.
Batman cowl made from old shoes from DiWHY