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33 Things That Can Only Be Explained By Magic

Science is one of mankind's greatest achievements. Part of what makes it so great is that it helps us explain the unexplainable. We don't know how anything works until a scientist sits down and studies it.

That being said, there are some things out there that I can't see science ever getting around to explaining. The world is just too weird for everything to be explainable. Some things are straight up magic. 

You might think magic doesn't really exist. I used to think that, too. Then I saw some things that could only possibly be magic, and now I know the truth. I'm sure they'll convince you, as well. 

1. Someone perform an exorcism on those fingers!
Finger Dancing
2. It's alive!
Bismuth Statue from blackmagicfuckery
3. Didn't see this coming, did you?
Wrestler uses black magic to defeat his enemy from blackmagicfuckery
4. Yum!
Freestanding ring of Pringles from blackmagicfuckery
5. But which one is the natural color?
Blue Hair transforms into Pink Hair from blackmagicfuckery
6. This is rather ominous.
Vortex on the window from blackmagicfuckery
7. He has the power!
Black Magic from blackmagicfuckery
8. This is less impressive because he is a robot.
What sorcery is this?!
9. Dude! Heat your house!
Winter in Brazil
10. That pilot is either really good or really bad.
RC helicopter skills
11. I just vomited by proxy.
He never gets dizzy
12. Eat your heart out, Tony Hawk.
13. Are you impressed now, Sphinx?
Riddle of the Sphinx sculpture
14. He meant to do that.
Whip it good
15. Why is that child unattended?
From man to child
16. Doesn't the world have enough snakes?
Hyper realistic painting
17. See? Smoking IS cool!
Smoke bubbles bouncing on water
18. Is it a chair, a couch, or something else entirely?
This extendable chair
19. But why though?
Perfectly stable bike with triangular wheels
20. Anyone know what shape this is?
21. Where are we?
It's a beautiful thing ...
22. You're cheating! Your hand is steady!
23. The shirt says it all.
rope whisperer
24. Fish are wizards. Everyone knows that.
Bio-luminescent defense [x-post r/gifs] from blackmagicfuckery
25. Are lasers magic?
Laser engraving 
26. Get it together, shadow!
Bent gate, straight shadow from blackmagicfuckery
27. This is how we beat the terrorists.
Su-35 supermaneuverability demonstration at MAKS-2017
28. Nope! Shut it down!
Strandbeests—“beach animals,” made with stiff plastic tubes - animated by the wind
29. I can explain this one. They're ghosts!
Beriozka - Traditional Russian dance where the dancers perform on their tippy-toes (en pointe) to give a floating appearance.
30. Try it at home!
He shoots, he scores!
31. What!
This man must have focused on the school of illusion from blackmagicfuckery
32. Is everyone okay?
The floor is fire from blackmagicfuckery
33. Football is a mysterious thing.
Mark Dantonio: Head Coach and part time magician.