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26 Of The Most Absurd Rules Ever Created By Parents

There is no one right way to parent. Some parents believe in a looser style and letting children make their own mistakes. Others believe in having strict rules that all their children must obey. 

Who knows which way is right, but I can tell you that going too far in one direction is certainly the wrong choice. Some parents might let their kids run wild and they will never learn that their actions have consequences. Other parents might have ludicrous rules that only harm the kids they were designed to protect.

For example...

1. Either murder, sex, or nothing at all.
2. Safety first.
3. This is, um, dumb.
4. You know what else is a chocking hazard? Food.
5. Better to be stranded.
6. You know it isn't the same water, right?
7. I could watch one episode of one show.
8. I suspect most of them were not.
9. Does it?
10. Pretty sure this causes separation anxiety, not solves it.
11. We also don't believe in trash piling up.
12. What if you get on the wrong bus?
13. First you look at music and the you listen to music!
14. I guess this has a happy ending...
15. Spoons are round. Duh.
16. Apparently, this is pretty common.
17. He had to read books like a loser!
18. Huh.
19. We don't believe in friendship!
20. Bathrooms are dirty, unlike...
21. What did the radio do to you?
22. What did you do?
23. This is what happens to everyone who masturbates.
24. Hmm...
25. If I'm not having fun then no one can have fun.
26. Her parents were not scientists.