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20 Hilariously Bad Christmas Decorations
4 months ago

What's the exact window where it is considered okay to have Christmas decorations up? I think you are only allowed to have them up during the month of December, but I know most people say anytime after Thanksgiving is fair game. 

Follow up question, does it matter what the decorations look like? Are you allowed to have nice decorations up longer than bad ones?

Regardless of what you think, I think we can all agree these should have never been put up. 

1. Hmm...
2. Lazy!
4. The tackiest house from "Up."
6. Anything can be festive.
7. A better fit for Halloween?
8. Did you just give up?
9. Poor Santa.
10. Your poor neighbors.
11. Your poor coworkers.
12. Someone partied really hard this Christmas.
13. ...And to you as well.
14. Spooky. Scary.
15. Good enough.
16. Ah, yes. My favorite Bible story.
17. I wouldn't trust this pilot.
18. Santa!
19. Let's find somewhere else to eat.
20. Done!