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Here's How Everyone Is Feeling About Returning To Normalcy After Christmas

4 months ago

December 26th is always a weird day. The thing you spent the last month working towards is now over. If you're at work, you're probably not getting anything done. You're just counting down the days until the next big event, which is always under a week away.

What are we supposed to do on December 26th? Do we play with our new toys some more? Do we even bother showing up to work? Or do we get the house ready for that rocking New Years Eve party?

My vote is always to take down the decorations, but most people choose to ask these very same questions on Twitter instead. 

1. Embrace the calm.
2. Why can't we rest like Santa?
3. Wake me up in 2018.
4. Aren't we all?
5. Getting started on that resolution early.
6. I hope you like used socks!
7. When do the lights come down?
8. Do it anyway.
9. I'll be back in shape by Easter.
10. Can ghosts tweet?
11. Why did Santa think I wanted this?
12. They've changed so much!
13. Why does no one tell me anything?
14. You're not the only one.
15. This suggests I don't sleep until the 28th.
16. Peace this holiday season.
17. Nothing good is going to come from conducting these experiments.
18. I love stuff!
19. Wash the leftovers down with leftover eggnog.
20. Sigh.
21. What fool thought I wanted this.
22. We'll get through this together.
23. Starting a little early, aren't we?