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These Hilarious Church Signs Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

These Hilarious Church Signs Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh
Updated 4 months ago

Growing up, I loved the idea of mindlessly following a bunch of rules that don't really mean anything to me and hoping that these arbitrary traditions will yield me an eternity of happiness.

Plus there's the benefit of a superiority complex that comes with it, so that was pretty nice, feeling chosen and special and all that.

After a while though, it wasn't really working for me anymore, maybe because I felt that talking and studying about having a great life instead of actually living it was kind of a drag. But also because religion always seemed so serious and hallowed, which seemed kind of silly.

Maybe if my house of worship injected a bit more humor into the whole glorification of God process, I'd be more keen to visit the mosque on a regular basis.

Like these churches who came up with brilliantly current and hilarious signs.

There were socio-political commentaries.

And even favoritism for local football teams.

See, but prayer for sports goes both ways. Guess it depends on whose congregation is bigger.

Well, good news is in short supply these days.

A lot of them hit really close to home.

I mean if there was a direct correlation between praying on weather and an improved climate, I'd be at church every single morning.

Let's just hope there are some content filters.

The best church signs are the clever church signs.

Jesus: like hot soup for the soul.

I wish the the places around me growing up were filled with jokes.

Turns out if I just broadened my worshiping horizons when I was younger, however, I would've discovered that church signs have been cracking jokes for a long time now.

If only I had known!

All of this glory would've been mine.

I mean religious retail jokes? Come on!

Straight savage some of these signs are.

I mean that's a pearl of wisdom right there.

All right so some of them indavertently make fun of themselves, but still.

Good point.


Well, I mean, there's a guarantee...

Again with the puns.

Now some of these signs are just victims of unfortunate wording.

And some are straight-up manipulation.

How did this one even get put up?!

Holy Moly these are funny, intentional or not.