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Trump Bragged About The Supreme Court's Muslim Ban Decision, And Twitter Fired Back

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to hail the Supreme Court's decision to uphold part of his hotly contested travel ban.

The court decreed that the travel ban could not be imposed on anyone who had “a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.” Those with a "bona fide relationship" include individuals seeking to enter the United States to visit a relative, accept a job, attend a university or deliver a speech. 

The court plans to hear the case for the ban in the fall, signaling a potentially harsh legal battle over the scope of the president's power over the nation's borders.

You wouldn't know that battle's still on the horizon if you only saw Trump's tweet, though.

Twitter users immediately fired back. Trump's celebration was premature, as this user pointed out.

Others followed suit.

The ruling wasn't 9-0, as Trump claimed. The ruling was per curiam, which means it was the decision of the court, acting as a unit. Three of the court's most conservative members--Justives Neil M. Gorsuch, Samuel A. Alito Jr. and Clarence Thomas--dissented, saying that they would support Trump's ban if it went into full effect without regard to a foreign national's connection to the U.S.

The ruling only applies for the period of time between now and when the justices make a final ruling, which should be in the fall.