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The Grey Sweatpants Challenge Has Taken Over Twitter But With A Twist

Gray sweatpants have enjoyed a special reputation on the internet for the last year or so, specifically when they're paired with an exceptionally fine guy, and it isn't because they're warm and cozy.

Gray sweatpants have been known to show the masses what the male wearing them is working with by providing the general public with their dickprint, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Twitter and its bored and horny inhabitants started up the Gray Sweatpants Challenge ('Grey' if you're a redcoat), which populated the microblogging site with images of dudes taking mirror selfies while angling their beef thermometers just right in an effort to find out just how thirsty people on the internet were.

Initially, the photos were generating these types of responses:

Soon though, a group of heroes decided to fight back the tasteless trend by doing what the internet does best; by making a mockery of it.

There were some causalities along the way:

But ultimately, it left the majority of folks feeling like this: