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People Are Getting Hot & Bothered Over Mr. Clean's Sexy Super Bowl Commercial

 There are some things that are inherently just not sexy. Like the DMV. Or tile grout. Or cleaning products.

So that's probably why last night's Mr. Clean Super Bowl commercial threw so many people off.

Because for the majority of the ad, we saw a bootylicious Mr. Clean bopping and twerking all over the house in tight white pants while this woman looked on lustfully. 

They pretty much took a dance routine straight out of Magic Mike and used it to sell household cleaner. 

Of course, once the saucy and out-of-freaking-nowhere commercial was finished, Twitter immediately started talking about it.
People even are demanding a Mr. Clean movie after seeing the inspiring commercial.
Other companies wanted to get in on the Mr. Clean action too.
But mostly, people just can't get over how sexy this computer-generated mascot is.
Mr. Clean's Twitter account blew up too. He's sending tweets to clear the air about certain accusations regarding his body as well.