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This 10-Year-Old Girl's Bucket List Will Put Your Own Boring Life To Shame

Kids are strange. In a good way. They have no real idea of what the world is like, and no filter, so at times, they can be the best comedians on the planet.  

Twitter user Asbronaut, who goes by Josh, recently found his little sister's bucket list and decided to share it on Twitter when he realized what a badass his sibling is. Just take a look at what this kid wants out of life... 

 The list reads as follows: 

 1. eat a hammer head shark, snake, and bear
2. get a pet blobfish, kalo kola, sloth and flingo
3. get a sign that said something in a bifferent lagnage then on Mar, 12, 2019 I will translate it.
4. try Ariel silks
5. set in an empty room for an hour
6. eat 10 taco bell Dorito taco
7. win a taco bell Dorito taco eating contest
8. stay a sleep for 24 hours
9. pet a cheetah
Unsurprisingly, the people of Twitter is pretty impressed with her ambitions, and are desperate to know what the tenth entry will be.
Even the people at Taco Bell were impressed, and want to help cross 6 and 7 off the list.
And let's be honest, number 8 is everyone's dream.

We wish this little girl all the best in her ambitions.