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Can You Guess Which Makeup-Less Celeb Is Actually Still Wearing Makeup?

By Tiffany White

There used to be a time when you only saw celebrities without makeup when they were walking through an airport in sweats, looking tired after an eight-hour flight. The tabloids loved these pictures and would splash them on their covers to make women in line at the grocery store feel better about themselves knowing that Jennifer Aniston has dark circles, too.

But now with the rise of social media, celebrities are no longer hiding their makeup-less faces from paparazzi. Instead, they're proudly showing off their natural features on Instagram using hashtags like "#nomakeup," #nofilter," and #iwokeuplikethis." 

Although it's nice to see famous women revealing the real skin that hides beneath those layers of contouring, a part of me is skeptical.

Despite the fact that all the stars posting their makeup-free shots look flawless, no one seems to mention that many of these women are wearing eyelash extensions, blush, have filled in their eyebrows, and some are even wearing concealer! But the makeup is so subtle, it looks like a #nomakeup shot when it's actually kind of not. 

Can you tell the difference?