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The Thimble Has Been Voted Out Of The Monopoly Box In Favor Of A More Modern Game Piece

Does anyone even know what a thimble is anymore? The piece was part of the game since it debuted in 1935, but fans have voted for it to be replaced in favor of a more modern game token.

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Back in 2013, a similar poll was held that led to the iron being retired and replaced with the cat token, which we're all pretty all right with. When Hasbro announced the upcoming change, people who are fans of the game relationship ruining game gave their thoughts on the removal of one of the original pieces from the game's debut back in 1935.

Some people are pretty broken up over it.
Others don't see it as a big deal...
A few are just upset with the potential replacement options that will be announced next month.
Though not on the list, this might be the perfect write-in candidate for the thimble's replacement.

Now might be a good time to buy out every Monopoly set on store shelves to sell as collector's editions later this year.