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Grandma Accidentally Sends Insulting Birthday Card To Her Grandson

There's something adorable about getting birthday gifts from your grandparents.

$10 checks, knit sweaters, Werther's Originals - there's a special kind of charm associated with getting presents from grand-folks.

Even better is when they unintentionally send you something crude or offensive due to a generational gap.

Or in this grandma's case, not noticing a very blatant acronym on a card she gifted her grandson.
Henry Fraser was touched by his grandmother's thoughtful birthday gesture, and was tickled pink by her oversight.
Fraser became a famous painter after he was paralyzed from below his shoulders following a diving accident in 2009.

His works of art are pretty incredible, and become even more impressive when you consider he paints them entirely using his mouth.

Stages of me working through my Leopard painting. #painting #art #animals #artist #blackandwhite

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