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This NBA Star Signed A Fan's Toaster And His Expression Says It All

If you're a rock star you're used to signing the usual stuff: people's faces, guitars, t-shirts. You know, rock star stuff.

If you're any type of athlete, you sign balls, jerseys, cards, posters, maybe photographs or the occasional magazine cover.

But what about household appliances? How do you even react to that?

Which is probably the exact thought Klay Thompson had going through is head when a fan brought him a toaster to sign.
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Yep, that's right, a toaster. Behold Thompson's befuddled countenance as he tried to comprehend why anyone would want him to sign a toaster.

It gets better though, it was an actual Golden State Warriors branded toaster.
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So, Thompson had a lot to process: how he, a high-profile, top-league NBA multi-millionaire found himself sitting with a fan and signing their toaster. And why the hell the team he plays for has their own branded line of toasters.

He's just so upset right now.
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Don't worry Klay, we all feel that way when we come across stupid stuff that shouldn't exist.

But good for imgur user, RDollaz for getting the toaster signed.
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Just not sure Klay is sharing in your joy, though.