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Pepsi And Kendall Jenner Are Getting Roasted Over Their Tone-Deaf 'Protest' Ad

1 year ago

The latest Pepsi commercial, featuring Kendall Jenner, is being met with criticism online because it features the star walking through a protest to give a policeman a can of Pepsi and defuse the entire situation. 

The ad is obviously trying to appeal to those protesting against the policies of President Donald Trump, but ended up backfiring spectacularly because it's so out-of-touch with the violence that often erupts between protesters and cops.  

Following the outrage, Pepsi released this statement.

While others called on them to do more and donate to good causes.

Pepsi definitely could have handled this one better. Getting a member of one of the richest families in the nation to protest against the establishment was an odd decision, and the ad might have been better received without Jenner in it.