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Wendy's Trolled Hardee's So Hard On Twitter They Got Blocked
1 year ago

With most television shows on their break, watching Wendy's Twitter account roast just about everyone has become a favorite pastime for many in recent months. But the same can't be said for their competition. For example, they've already trolled McDonald's over their plan to use fresh beef, and now, they have their sights set on Hardee's. 

After two Twitter users got into a fight over who has a better 4 for $4 offering, Hardee's took a quick jab at Wendy's, but was quickly shut down. 

And of course, Wendy's replied to this tweet about their own tweet. 

And as usual, people loved the Wendy's burn.

For reference, Alan Bean was the fourth person to walk on the moon.

Keep on trolling, Wendy's.