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Try Not To Laugh Watching This Muslim Teen's Tiny Siblings Join Him In Prayer

Anyone who grew up in a religious household knows that trying to maintain concentration while praying is tough.

And it becomes even tougher when you have kids doing all sorts of funny and adorable things right in your line of vision.

I remember one of the hardest parts of praying in the mosque is not cracking up laughing as kids ran in between the prayer lines, spouting all sorts of silly nonsense that seemed way more fun than worshiping Allah.

So I totally understand this teen named Halo's struggle as he prays while his little brother and sister join him in the most adorable way ever.

The fact that it's Ramadan and he's probably fasting doesn't make concentrating on prayer any easier, either.

People were absolutely smitten with these pint-sized worshippers.

And although this isn't exactly something new for Halo...'s pretty evident that it's not something he's gotten used to.

It didn't take long for the ma'shallahs to start pouring in ("God Bless them," in Arabic).

And not to put our boy on blast, but it looks like the cute kids are helping him slide into some DMs, too...

Ramadan Mubarak, homey.