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Guy Trolls Airport Travelers With Fake Outlets And People Are Not Amused

There's nothing better than watching someone fall for a good prank.

And some of the best gags prey on our dependencies, as evil as that sounds.

Like people in airports who are desperately searching for power outlets to fuel their cell phone addiction, or make that ever-important phone call to a friend or family member.

Which is why this guy's fake wall-plug-that's-actually-a-sticker prank is so great.

Twitter user @JustBasicDave set the whole thing up and recorded unsuspecting prank-victims.

Once people discovered he was behind the prank, they weren't so amused.

People were praising the evil-awesomeness of the prank.

Others were not so happy.

What do you think? Brilliant prank? Or just plain annoying?