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Twitter Can't Get Enough Of This Sassy UberEats Driver's Texts

Twitter Can't Get Enough Of This Sassy UberEats Driver's Texts
10 months ago

A woman named Alisha Jennings-Oluwosuko was having a bit of a stressful day at the hospital, visiting a family member at John Hopkins in Maryland.  Jennings-Oluwosuko told BuzzFeed that she'd ordered some food, but things got so hectic she forgot she even placed her order with UberEats. She missed a call from her delivery guy, and then texted the unknown number. Once she realized who it was, she asked where they were, and got a pretty snarky response:

Jennings-Oluwosuko says there are a million entrances and exits to the hospital, so she didn't think it was such a crazy question. Though she thought it was a bit rude, she wasn't that mad, and they joked about it when they finally met up. But then Jennings-Oluwosuko jokingly shared the text exchange.

Unexpectedly, the text convo blew up. Guess everyone loves a smart ass:

There was someone who didn't think the delivery guy's text was funny: Uber. According to BuzzFeed, they originally tweeted at Jennings-Oluwosuko that she should DM them so they could rectify the situation.

But most of the responses to that tweet, which has since been deleted, were "chill."  Jennings-Oluwosuko told BuzzFeed, "Everyone’s trying to make their living, it’s not that serious." Eventually Uber got the message and tried to jump in on the fun.

Every brand is trying to be Wendy's now.