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26 Dating Red Flags That Will Make You Cringe

26 Dating Red Flags That Will Make You Cringe
Updated 3 weeks ago

If you’ve ever delved into the world of online dating, you’ve probably had your fair share of interactions that took a turn for the worse. Maybe you’ve been insulted for having the ~audacity~ to turn someone down, or for taking a whole minute to respond to a message? Perhaps you’ve been pressured to send nudes or had unsolicited ones sent your way?

Whatever your dating experience, you’ve surely encountered some red flags along the way (and sent a few choice screencaps to the group text). 

Here are 26 people you’ll be glad you never swiped right on: 

1. This guy, who proved how stable he is.

2. This person who is very secure and def has no jealousy issues.

3. This guy, who is totally self-aware.

4. This person who definitely didn’t deserve to be dumped.

5. This guy who is just looking for love.

6. This person who really knows how to communicate.

7. This guy who is just TOO nice.

8. This non-judgemental woman who was truly robbed of her reward.

9. This very polite gentleman.

10. This progressive dude who’s just fed up with double standards.

11. This girl who is clearly beautiful inside and out.

12. This super professional man who was just giving a compliment.

13. This incredibly genuine person.

14. This guy who really earned a second chance.

15. This charitable person who was dumped for absolutely no reason.

16. This dude who totally knows how to treat women.

17. This guy who is not at all confused about what he wants.

18. This charming lady who clearly has a lot going for her.

19. This guy who is totes not a superficial hypocrite.

20. This not-at-all manipulative guy who is both smart AND nice.

21. This female, who is clearly superior to your female.

22. This guy who really knows how to make a gal feel special.

23. This girl, who knows the real meaning of being nice.

24. This very patient person.

25. This woman, who no straight man could resist.

26. And finally, whoever wrote this logically sound, definitely-not-toxic metaphor for dating and relationships.

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