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30 Historical Pictures That Show The World Used To Be A Much Creepier Place

Anytime you read about history, it always sounds like a creepy, terrifying place. Back then there was war, diseases, and dirt everywhere. Yes, I know we still have all of that stuff today. But it sounds like it was way worse back then. 

For example, nowadays you don't see people walking around in gas masks. But that was pretty normal back in the first half of the 20th century. People have stopped taking photographs of dead bodies for keepsakes because we realized it was easier to photograph living people. And Halloween is way less creepy than it used to be.

I know Halloween is supposed to be scary, but it used to really cross a line. You'll see what I mean below, and be grateful we are alive now.

1. This brought the value of the house way up!
So my aunt casually tells me today that she once found a ton of skeletons in her garden. from oldschoolcreepy
2. This is art.
TIM CURRY (Pennywise The Clown) taking a break during filming Stephen Kings IT (1990) from oldschoolcreepy
3. Don't want to run into the Milkwalker.
Stay safe kiddos! from oldschoolcreepy
4. Looking good!
Woman models Salvador Dali's jewelry. 1959. from oldschoolcreepy
5. Oh look, it's the children of the corn.
My Grandmothers old school photos. Old, Creepy... and School! from oldschoolcreepy
6. One of us! One of us!
Sorry if this is a repost, but when I saw this I immediately thought of this subreddit.
7. Remember when Halloween was scary?
Costume- 1940 (Taken from family 8mm films) from oldschoolcreepy
8. Enjoy the "Greatest Show on Earth," kids!
Circus clown smoking during a break from the show 1950s from oldschoolcreepy
9. Can you smell that fresh country air?
Breathe Deep from oldschoolcreepy
10. Don't tell Mom.
Before there was photoshop, there was something called ingenuity.
11. What?
Pic from 1972 Rothschild "Illuminati" Party from oldschoolcreepy
12. Just normal non-magical ladies.
1875: House staff? Witches? Both? from oldschoolcreepy
13. Hmm...
A doll of Buster Keaton and the real Buster Keaton from oldschoolcreepy
14. Who's ready to be sacrificed?
Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes from oldschoolcreepy
15. Can you believe our new school uniforms?
School girls in gas masks during World War II. from oldschoolcreepy
16. Who's that guy?
This photo of the staff of a German dairy from 1868 has one extremely unsettling guy in it from oldschoolcreepy
17. How about just the beard?
Merry Fucking Christmas, Kid. from oldschoolcreepy
18. Family of ghosts.
Family photo of the kids with a hooded figure from oldschoolcreepy
19. How is this supposed to make her feel better?
Clowns and Santa cheer up a little girl in the hospital. 1950s. from oldschoolcreepy
20. What a cute couple.
Creepy Halloween Costumes from oldschoolcreepy
21. You know there's a clown behind you, right?
Bozo the Clown (1978) from oldschoolcreepy
22. He was a loving pet.
Oh! How I Love an Elk from oldschoolcreepy
23. Wanna buy a dead body?
Man selling mummies in Egypt, 1875
24. Come here, you!
creepy vintage halloween photo from oldschoolcreepy
25. Follow me to my gingerbread house!
Hi, Kids. Wanna try some really fun mushrooms? from oldschoolcreepy
26. No wonder those kids don't look into it.
Creepy photo of my Grandpa as santa, holding my Mom and Aunt
27. I can't decided what the creepiest part of this is.
Japanese girl in mask playing with the doll from oldschoolcreepy
28. Who wants to be photographed with a dead body?
Picture of my ancestors mourning a death. Think it's from the 1800's. from oldschoolcreepy
29. Huh.
Vintage sideshow photo from oldschoolcreepy
30. Not the weirdest thing I've seen on public transportation.
A protest of service cuts on trains running between Weehawken, N.J., and Albany, March 15, 1955 [Photo by William C. Eckenberg] from oldschoolcreepy