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This Email Prankster Is Fooling White House Officials By Pretending To Be Their Colleagues

This Email Prankster Is Fooling White House Officials By Pretending To Be Their Colleagues
Updated 10 months ago

One of Donald Trump's biggest criticisms against Hillary Clinton while on the campaign trail was her email "scandal."

Fast forward to his Presidency and not only is his administration allegedly doing the same thing he got on Hillary's case for (hosting emails on a private server) but it turns out that his top level staffers are seemingly really, really bad at distinguishing messages from pranksters and posers from the real thing.

You might remember that Rick Perry was fooled into thinking a Russian comedian was the Ukranian Prime Minister, but he isn't the only member of the Trump team who's been getting mercilessly fooled: Both former communications director Anthony Scaramucci and Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert were allegedly the victims of this anonymous email prankster.

Just known as @SINON_REBORN on Twitter, the jokester recently decided to set his sights on White House officials by impersonating other people in Trump's administration. Sinon previously passed himself off as Howard Stern and a Goldman Sachs exec, but he wanted to target Scaramucci due to a personal vendetta.

In his emails, Sinon passed himself off as Jared Kushner, Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman Jr., and former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. CNN's coverage of the emails mentions that Sinon's primary targets were Scaramucci, Bossert, and Eric Trump, where he mainly insulted other members of Trump's administration and hinted that some people should be removed from their positions.

CNN also reported on this tasty excerpt as well, when discussing Bannon and Priebus' roles in the administration.

FAKE HUNTSMAN: Who's (sic) head should roll first? Maybe I can help things along somewhat.
SCARAMUCCI: Both of them. 

And when Priebus resigned as Chief of Staff, Sinon emailed Scaramucci pretending to be Priebus, and even got some replies from the 10-day communications director.

FAKE PRIEBUS: I had promised myself I would leave my hands mud free ... but after reading your tweet today which stated how; β€œsoon we will learn who in the media who has class, and who hasn't,” has pushed me to this. That tweet was breathtakingly hypocritical, even for you. At no stage have you acted in a way that's even remotely classy, yet you believe that's the standard by which everyone should behave towards you? General Kelly will do a fine job. I'll even admit he will do a better job than me. But the way in which that transition has come about has been diabolical. And hurtful. I don't expect a reply.
SCARAMUCCI: You know what you did. We all do. Even today. But rest assured we were prepared. A Man would apologize.
FAKE PRIEBUS: I can't believe you are questioning my ethics! The so called 'Mooch', who can't even manage his first week in the White House without leaving upset in his wake. I have nothing to apologize for.
SCARAMUCCI: Read Shakespeare. Particularly Othello. You are right there. My family is fine by the way and will thrive. I know what you did. No more replies from me. 

Why go through all of the trouble of pranking White House officials? For Sinon, it's not something he plans on doing full-time. He just wanted to make a point about the President's lack of IT security.