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26 Life Hacks You Will Wish You Learned Years Ago

In order to succeed at anything, you must fail several times first. That is a real bummer. Wouldn't it be so nice if we can skip ahead to the success?

Well, now you can! Here's how: We all have the ability to learn from others. From both their mistakes and their failures. And the Internet has given us the ability to learn these things like never before. 

Check out some of these life hacks good samaritans have decided to share with the world. 

1. How to find your best friend.
Lost your dog?
2. Wish I knew this back in art class.
Drawing in two-point perspective using a rubber band
3. Plus, now you have a fun decorative fork!
Great useful trick in everyday life
4. Now I gotta move so I try this!
If you're moving, you can use this method to easily transport all the clothes that you hang. from lifehacks
5. Better than just having a pile at the bottom of your drawer.
Saw this,thought it was smart
6. Cool!
When your home has no AC
7. Hot take!
Plastic bottle blower from lifehacks
8. No one wants to see pictures of strangers.
How to remove ALL tourists from your travel shots from lifehacks
9. I see nothing wrong with this.
I trusted my husband to clean-up from Christmas last year. This is what I discovered when I went down to our basement to begin decorating this year. He's so proud! I can't decide: life hack or lazy? [X-Posted] from lifehacks
10. Everything you want from a sandpit.
Great idea for kids' sandpits. from lifehacks
11. Will save your life if you don't die from embarrassment first.
Instant Life Jacket (how to)
12. Who would have thought water could make fire?
Starting a fire using a sandwich bag filled with water
13. This will save you time.
Notebook Organization Lifehack from Japan, create a word index in the back and mark the pages from lifehacks
14. How did no one think of this before?
Something i should've thought of .... simple and a bit smart from lifehacks
15. Two tools are better than one.
Some screwdriver handles are shaped so that a wrench can slide over them for more torque. from lifehacks
16. Light shines the way.
See exact cut line on any paper cutter. Never going back!
17. Don't want to screw this up.
How to test the age of an egg from lifehacks
18. Also works outside of hospitals!
Make a phone stand in the hospital from a styrofoam cup for hands-free viewing from lifehacks
19. Now I just need to figure out what kind of foot I have.
Running shoe tying techniques from lifehacks
20. Pay attention, thieves!
Open a combination padlock with a soda can from lifehacks
21. We all need to relearn this.
Parallel Parking Hack (Taught to me by a bus driver)
22. Has the added benefit of being highly amusing.
Use a slinky to stop squirrels from eating bird seed [x-post /r/gifs]
23. This ought to save you a few hundred bucks.
DIY fixing car bumper
24. I mean, it works.
How to Include Everyone (Even the person taking the photo) in a Picture from lifehacks
25. Cats strongly prefer this to a regular cardboard box.
Homemade cat box with a t-shirt from lifehacks
26. You can finally learn morse code now!
How my dad taught me Morse Code