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This Clown Blasts Gender Stereotypes After Mom Won't Let Son Get Butterfly Face Paint

From a young age, boys are often expected to play with guns and trucks, while girls are expected to play with dolls and play ovens. And while these stereotypes are less common than they used to be, they're still enforced every day. Twitter user S. S. Markarian, a children's entertainer from Los Angeles, took to social media on Saturday after a boy's parents refused to let him get butterfly face paint, with an important message on masculinity...

And it's not just boys...

Twitter users seemed to agree, with many saying that they experienced the same thing as children, and explaining how it impacted their lives.

Markarian explained further...

The issue seems to be widespread. 

One parent explained how she's battling other parents trying to enforce stereotypes on her children. 

What do you think of this issue?