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Someone Got Charged For Ordering Literally Nothing At McDonald's

8 months ago

The new self service kiosks they have at McDonald's are great. Not only do you not have to interact with people, but you can add and remove pretty much anything you want from your burger. And as Twitter user @Arikuyo realized when they tried to remove the pickles from their cheeseburger, you can remove literally everything. It's still going to cost you, though...

That's right, they got an empty bag and it cost them £0.99 ($1.25). It was worth it for the retweets, though. 

Though they're still pretty hungry...

And now Twitter is trying to work out why literally nothing still cost money. 

And someone claiming to be a McDonald's employee verified that this is actually possible. 

While @Arikuyo was able to confirm that the cashier was pretty confused. 

Hopefully you can order a side of fries without the potatoes and salt.