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20 Shockingly Simple Things Guaranteed To Amaze You

I don't know why, but sometimes little, neat tricks are more impressive than a giant spectacle. Maybe it is because we know there will always be massive displays of talent somewhere in the world, but we sometimes forget that simple, incredible things might be happening right in our own backyard. 

It's the surprise factor that makes these little moments so special. It's always a treat to see something amazing when you least expect it. 

1. Pinpoint accuracy.
Just the tip from BeAmazed
2. The world's heaviest balloon.
Acting level - Expert
3. It's beautiful.
Swinging a string of glow sticks with burning steel wool at the end from BeAmazed
4. He got the shot.
5. Think of all the space you'll save!
Two-piece chair 
6. Please don't fall. Please don't fall. Please don't fall.
Ready, Set, Go
7. Did you shoot this in a bathtub or something?
Clear water in Menorca, Spain from BeAmazed
8. So that's how they do it.
Mosquito finding a blood vessel
9. How?
Beriozka - Traditional Russian dance where the dancers perform on their tippy-toes (en pointe) to give a floating appearance. from BeAmazed
10. We'll never be as efficient.
Dayum Japan, work it.
11. Don't worry. This doesn't end in a crash.
Flying through stratocumulus clouds
12. I can't tell who has the more impressive job.
Somehow, this isn't an Olympic sport...
13. The future world champion.
This kid is pretty good.
14. Wha...?
Mirrored Pinwheel
15. This is way easier than what I was expecting.
no more selfies
16. You used a net. That's cheating!
17. Mother Earth.
Botanical garden in Gatineau from BeAmazed
18. I don't fully understand what is happening here but I like it.
19. Seems like a fun way to die!
20. Did someone just freeze time?
Pole Dancers Do The Mannequin Challenge